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Notice! We will be launching Group/Comment/Comment reply Id finder very soon. Now just these 3 are left which will be launched!

Have you been trying to find your Facebook status id which can be used in different Facebook sites which accepts status id not url and was failed?
You may be entering wrong id and entering id of your choice and getting invalid response. Some sites accepts urls but not all and you are still trying to figure out how you can find the id?

Until now you've been stuck, but a new application has been created in order to help you for getting the status/photo/video id, it is called as Id Finder which allow you to find the id of any Facebook node by entering the url of that node.

Online Fb Id Finder FAQ

How does this Online Id Finder works?

Well, there's a group of monkeys working behind the scene 24/7 to fetch the id from the url you enter.

Is the id we get is always correct?

Yes, It is correct every time as our monkey's are never wrong.

Can I buy FindPostId script?

Sorry, you are not allowed to buy the script.

How many urls it accepts per day?

Unlimited, but it accepts one url at a time. In future we will be adding bulk id finder.

Can I find the id using HTTPS?

Yes, just replace the post url with https

When I click Get numeric Id does it connect to secure connection?

Yes, the request will be made in secure connection (https).

I like it!